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What makes challenger boats unique

Our Story

Established back in 1994 in New Zealand, we’re Waikato based boat builders. We design & build fibreglass boats for the leisure market - families, fishing and recreation.

Built for safety

Our fleet of models ranges from the Challenger 550 to the Challenger 720.


Challenger Boats are high performing well engineered boats giving owners a smooth ride in all waters.

Challenger boats are unique because they have smooth hulls (known as strakeless hulls) which means their ride through the water is extremely quiet, smooth and therefore a pleasure to be in; whether a passenger or the helmsman. This doesn’t compromise performance at all and Challenger Boats hold their own or outclass others when it comes to aquaplaning and speed. The hull design also makes these boats strong and rigid and therefore very safe.

Innovation is our core motivation and is a daily endeavor for us, offering you a superior boat that puts your family first while maintaining great fishing ability, offshore capability and amenities for serious anglers.

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